Band T-Shirts

Band t-shirts are a very smart promotional product for musicians to invest in. Fans in t-shirts are walking advertisements for the band, and the t-shirts are special and sentimental for the fans.

T-shirts are often conversation starters, and they allow fans to feel like an important part of the band getting famous. People are very passionate about their favorite music, so good word about a band can spread very quickly with enough t-shirts distributed. The advertising abilities of a t-shirt are vast.

Allegiance to a favorite band will sell the t-shirts to proud listeners. T-shirts that resonate with the fans will sell exceptionally well and will be worn often. Band t-shirts could have a variety of information printed on them. A simple logo is enough to do the trick. Other ideas include song lyrics and tour dates. Black t-shirts work well for heavy metal bands. Alternative bands might also choose black, or they may choose funkier styles like tie-dye, camouflage, or neon colors. It is all up to the band and the type of image they would like to portray to their fans and the general public.

There are a lot of ways to print to blank t-shirts without having to outsource the job. The words and images can be screen printed, ironed on, or printed directly to the garment. Screen printing is fun and relatively simple using a roller and a mesh screen. Iron-ons and other heat transfer methods are also fairly simple and transfer the design to the t-shirt when heat is applied. And with direct to garment printing, the design is printed directly to the blank t-shirt via inkjet garment printer. Some t-shirts that work well with all of these methods are the Gildan 2000, the Anvil 779, and the Hanes 5280. For ladies t-shirts, the Gildan G200L, the Anvil 379, and the Bella B6010 are great choices for printing.

The best way to distribute band t-shirts is putting them up for sale. T-shirts and other promotional merchandise are generally very profitable for bands in addition to selling music. Choose a price a nice amount higher than the cost of production, but not too inflated. When selling at concerts, round numbers like $15 or $20 are much easier than prices that require the exchange of one dollar bills such as $18.

For each show, make a limited number of t-shirts for any given concert with the exact event details on it. These t-shirts will be extra special to the adoring fans, as they are more meaningful than tour t-shirts with a whole list of places and dates. Some fans may choose to purchase one for every single show they attend. Other ways to distribute these special t-shirts could be to throw some of the t-shirts to the audience, or have a drawing for them with seat numbers. The t-shirts will be even more special to each fan who wins one.

Band t-shirts are great products. They are memorable keepsakes for fans of concerts and songs that take them back to a certain period of life. The sale and distribution of band t-shirts is also a very smart advertising technique. For a lot of fans, branding oneself with a band’s name for the day is a fun thing to do. This is a special task in which the fan feels a special connection to the musicians. T-shirts are a good investment of time and resources to get the band out there.

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