Choosing a jacket for yourself, more often than not, ends up becoming a higher-stakes decision than we like it to be. It’s got to be waterproof, windproof, durable, warm, well-ventilated, comfortable and fashionable, all at the same time?! With all the ratings, features, types and styles out there, the process of picking one can start to feel daunting. Well, that’s why buying yours at wholesale prices at Shirts in Bulk makes good sense. (read more)

We have jackets across every category and for every application you can think of, all neatly organized into easy-to-access filters. This will help you choose the jackets you need, whether you’re an individual who’s prepping for winter, a corporation looking for some blank jackets wholesale to print on, or a mid-sized family after some cozy winter clothes!

Read our FAQs below to learn more about how to make the right choice when it comes to outerwear.

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Shirts In Bulk Outerwear FAQs

Do you offer men’s, women’s, and children’s outerwear?

Yes! Shirts in Bulk offers bulk apparel including wholesale jackets for everyone. Check out our jackets in bulk for women, men, and even children by selecting the relevant options under “Gender/Age” in the filters.

What is the best extreme cold weather clothing?

The most important part of dressing for the extreme cold is the “outer shell” or jacket layer of your winter ensemble. This layer needs to be windproof and waterproof. We offer 3-in-1 wholesale nylon jackets like the North End 88130, for this exact purpose.

Do you offer heavyweight and lightweight coats and jackets?

Yes! Shirts in Bulk offers both heavyweight and lightweight coats. Check out our full range by selecting the relevant options under “Weight” in the filters.

Do you offer waterproof jackets? What about windproof jackets?

All waterproof jackets are also windproof by design. Check out our full range of waterproof and windproof jackets by selecting “Waterproof” under “Features” in the filters. Some jackets by Core 365 like the CE708 and 88185 are great for this purpose.

Do your jackets have lining and hoods?

Yes! Shirts in Bulk offers jackets with both lining and hoods. Check out our full range by selecting the relevant options under “Features” in the filters.

Is nylon fabric good for winter jackets?

Nylon is one of the best synthetic fabrics for winter jackets. Coats made using this material are durable, water-resistant and easy to keep clean.

What is the difference between nylon and polyester? Which is warmer for a jacket?

Nylon is known for its strength, durability and strength, while polyester is known more for its water-resistance, cost-effectiveness and UV resistance. Nylon has the downside of being a bit noisier than polyester. While both are good options, it’s best to make your choice based on how you intend to use your jacket.

What material are your windbreakers jackets made from?

Our wholesale windbreakers come in a variety of fabrics. These include nylon, polyester and poly-microfiber. Check out our full range by selecting “Lightweight” under “Weight,” and the relevant materials you are looking for under “Fabric” in the filters.

Which jackets are your warmest?

Our heavyweight jackets, like the blue or black jacket North End 88007 3-in-1 Parka with Debby Trim, are the warmest in the market!

Which jackets are your best windbreakers?

The Harriton M775 Nylon Staff Jacket, Team 365 TT73 Zone Protect Lightweight Jacket, Core 365 88183 Lightweight Jacket and North End 88083 Techno Lite Jacket, among others, are some of the best bulk windbreakers we sell.

What is a tech-shell jacket?

Tech-shell jackets are the expertly designed and constructed layers in the layering system you wear to protect yourself from the elements. They come in varying levels of insulation and weather resistance, making it possible to layer them with ease or just wear the one that suits your needs in that instant. Hard-shell jackets, soft-shell jackets and insulated jackets are the three main types.

What is a soft-shell jacket?

A soft-shell jacket is made from soft material like woven nylon or polyester, and is characterized by being stretchy, breathable and moderately weather resistant. They are designed to be the in-between layer under the outermost hard-shell jacket. A soft-shell jacket is the perfect one to choose for your printed corporate jacket or your company logo jacket due to its versatility and comfort.

Which jackets are the best for athletic or aerobic outdoor activities?

A variety of lightweight weather-resistant jackets are great for athletic outdoor activities. Some include track jackets, vests, windbreakers and rain jackets. Check out our full range by selecting “Athletic” under “Fashion” in the filters.

What are your most popular outerwear brands?

Our wholesale Harriton jackets, Champion jackets and Devon & Jones jackets are the most popular on Shirts in Bulk.

Do you offer heavy coats, puffer jackets (or puffer vests) or parkas?

Yes! Shirts in Bulk offers all of these and more. Check out our full range by selecting the relevant options under “Type,” “Features,” “Weight” and “Fashion” in the filters.

What is a storm flap jacket?

A storm flap is a strip of fabric, secured by Velcro, that sits on top of jacket zippers. They help keep wind and rain outside of the jacket.

Can I put a company logo on your wholesale jackets?

Yes! Shirts in Bulk sells a variety of blank jackets wholesale for this very purpose. Check out our full range by selecting “Corporate” under “Fashion” in the filters.

What are the best waterproof jackets to buy?

The best waterproof jackets have most, if not all, of the following features:

  • Polyester or nylon outer fabric
  • Taped or welded seams
  • Hood
  • Mesh panels
  • Drawcords
  • Storm flaps
  • Water resistant zippers

Check out our full range by selecting “Waterproof” under "Features" in the filters.

What is a good waterproof and breathability rating for a jacket?

If you’re looking for something highly waterproof, you want to go for a 10,000mm waterproof rating jacket. When it comes to the breathability rating, 10,000-15,000 g/m2 is plenty for moderate to high levels of exercise. For more intense exercise like running and mountain biking, opt for jackets in the 20,000+ range.

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