Hats lend their wearers a cool-factor that no other accessory does. Think about it, when someone walks in wearing a hat you know they’re confident, self-assured and decisive about their choices - especially when it comes to style! Whether it be a classic old school baseball hat, a trucker hat, a fashionable snapback, a laid back beanie or a floppy sun hat, they’ve all got something to say, which means you best choose yours wisely! (read more)

There are a number of factors based on which you might choose your hat. Some include weather; use - casual vs activewear etc.; and even for printing promotional wear. We carry wholesale hats at reasonable prices for all these reasons and more.

Read the hats FAQs down below to learn more about all the different types of hats and how to make your choice.

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Shirts In Bulk Hats FAQs

Can you print on hats?

Yes! You can have your bulk apparel hats printed by printers that print with heat press techniques using a cap press. Important things to consider when buying blank style hats wholesale to print are crown height and hat width. Ideal crown height for printing is between 1.5” and 3.5”, while the ideal hat width is 4.5”. It’s best to choose a print design that is rectangular over circular to make the biggest visual impact on a canvas area that is so compact.

What type of hats do you offer?

We offer a wide range of wholesale hats including everything from plain SnapBack hats, high quality blank beanies, old school baseball hats, blank ball caps, fitted trucker hats or mesh hats, blank trucker hats, outdoor caps and blank visors, to wholesale bucket hats. See the complete list of types we offer by selecting “Type” in the filters.

What are your most popular hats?

Some of our most popular hats include the Champion CA2001 Retro Mesh Cap, Spyder SH16794 sweater beanie, Yupoong Snapback 5789M and the Authentic Pigment AP1919 trucker hats wholesale.

What are the best hats for printing?

5-panel hats made with thicker materials like cotton, polyester and foam are best for printing. The two main printing techniques available to you are screen-printing and the heat press technique. While both are possible, you might have a harder time getting a satisfactory result from the screen printing technique due the curved nature of a hat. However, make sure you do not use the heat press technique on synthetic materials that might melt, such as acrylic. Ultimately, any of our blank ball caps and cheap beanies would do well for printing, as long as you match your printing techniques to the hat’s fabric blend and structural requirements.

What color hats are most popular?

Selling blank style bulk wholesale clothes calls for them to be made with not only the best fabric, but come in lots of color options too. And that’s exactly what you will find at Shirts in Bulk. The most popular hat colors are black, stone (beige), gray, navy, light teal, tulip and maroon.

What is the difference between a trucker hat and a baseball hat?

Old school baseball hats are typically constructed with six sections or panels, feature eyelets at the top for ventilation, and have an adjustable snap, Velcro or strap closure at the back. Trucker hats on the other hand, are essentially a type of baseball hat which have a characteristic breathable mesh and a snapback closure. Some also have a foam front. Shirts in Bulk offers the best blank baseball caps and trucker hats you’ll find, but which you choose is up to you!

What brands make the best hats?

Some of the best hats we sell are made by brands such as Spyder, Puma Golf, Headswats, Yupoong, Champion Top Of The World and more.

Which hats are the most comfortable?

Hats that are made from breathable lightweight materials like cotton and mesh are most comfortable to wear all throughout the day. Check out the Big Accessories BX880 and eco conscious EC7070 for especially comfortable options.

Are your hats weather-friendly?

Shirts in Bulk offers different kinds of hats for different weather conditions. Consider a sun hat like the Adams SL101 or visor For sunny weather, and cheap beanies for when it’s colder outside. We stock them all!

Do you offer earth-friendly hats?

Yes! Apply the “Earth-friendly” filter on our collection of bulk apparel hats to see our full range.

What are the warmest beanies?

Beanies made of wool are some of the warmest that money can buy. Apply the “wool” filter under “Fabric” on our collection of bulk apparel hats to see our full range.

What are the most popular bucket hats?

The Adams SL01 Ladies’ Sea Breeze Floppy Hat and Columbia 1447091 Unisex Bora Bora II Booney Bucket Cap are the most popular bucket hats.

Do you have children’s hats?

Yes! Shirts in Bulk offers bulk apparel including hats for everyone. Check out the hats we offer for children by selecting the relevant option under “Gender/Age” in the filters.

Are your hats one color or do you offer multi-colored and patterned hats?

We offer hats in a variety of solid color options as well as patterned and multi-colored options. Check out everything we offer including our camo, multi-color and tie-dye hats by applying the “colors” filter on our collection of bulk apparel hats.

What is a performance cap?

Performance caps are made for use during high performance activities that most often take place outdoors under the hot sun. The caps are lightweight and made from moisture-wicking fabrics such as polyester blends. They also have features such as mesh fabric back panels to allow for maximum ventilation and a terry cloth forehead band to keep the sweat out of your eyes.

What is a sandwich bill cap?

A sandwich bill cap is a style of baseball cap where the bill of the cap is made of two different colors of the material - one color on the top and bottom of the bill, and a different one in between. Sandwich bill caps are one of the most popular styles of baseball hats.

What's the difference between a snapback and a cap?

Snapbacks and baseball caps have some stylistic differences. The most noticeable difference is that baseball caps have a curved bill whereas a snapback has a flat and wide bill. Furthermore, it’s common for snapback caps to have plastic closures while baseball caps can have either Velcro or metal closures. Baseball hats are often considered more “vintage” than their snapback counterparts. We have both!

Why are snapback hats so popular?

Snapbacks are most popular because of their relevance in pop-culture. They are often associated with the baseball scene, as well as the 90s hip hop and EDM scenes. They are also widely preferred due to how comfortable they are to wear and how easy they are to pull off.

What material are your hats and caps made of?

Shirts in Bulk offers hats and caps in many different types of fabrics. The most popular are cotton, polyester and acrylic. You will find other more unique materials like hemp and brushed cotton as well when you apply the “Fabric” filter on our collection of bulk apparel hats.

What types of closures do your hats have?

Hats come with a variety of different closures that you can choose from. Some include a cloth strap, cord and barrel type strap, elastic strap and even a leather strap. Check out all the types of closures our hats have by applying the “Closure” filter on our collection.

What is the difference between flat-brimmed hats and pre-curved hats?

A “flat-brimmed hat” is a more recent style variant of the classic baseball cap or “pre-curved hat”. Flat-brimmed hats or snapbacks are more popular with younger crowds and feature a bill that sits flat when placed down on a surface. A pre-curved hat on the other hand is preferred by older generations or those who like vintage styles over changing trends. Much like its name suggests, this type of hat features a bill that is pre-curved, and hasn’t experienced many stylistic changes to its design since the 1970s!

What is the difference between 5-panel and 6-panel hats?

Panels refer to the roughly triangular pieces of fabric that are stitched together to create the crown portion of a hat. Traditionally, baseball caps were made using 6 panels (6-panel hats). However, having 6 panels meant that there was a center seam right where a print could otherwise be placed, which is why the 5-panel hat was invented. This type of hat has 5 panels, out of which the front panel is wider and more oddly shaped than the rest. This panel becomes the perfect canvas for any image that you might want to have printed on your cap.

Do you sell blank visors?

Yes! We sell blank visors in a variety of different colors. Check out our full collection of blank visors by selecting “Visors” under “Type” in the filters.

Do you offer any special types of hats?

Yes! The Liberty Bags HH01 Hoop Head is one special hat we sell for playing a hilariously fun game of Hoop Head with your mates.

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