Shirts in Bulk is an online clothing store and shirt supplier that specialises in bulk wholesale clothes. Our bulk t-shirts are made from durable fabrics at wholesale prices. Whether you’re an individual or a group that is looking for blank style t-shirts, blank shirts, dry fit polo shirts in wholesale, or any other bulk wholesale clothes for cheap, we are sure to be able to help! (read more)

We all have a favorite piece of clothing; one that we wear so often that it wears out sooner than it deserves to. For most of us, that clear winner is a trusty old t-shirt. Whether you’re someone who loves wearing them on all seven days of the week, or someone who is looking to place bulk shirt orders for a group, learning more about them will make your next purchase (even a simple blank style t-shirt order) a lot easier!

Read our t-shirts FAQ below to learn more about choosing the right shirt for you.

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Shirts In Bulk T-Shirts FAQs

What are your most popular t-shirts?

A few of our most popular t-shirts are Team 365 shirts, Gildan wholesale shirts, the Gildan G800, Next Level 3600 and the Bella + Canvas 3480.

What is the highest quality t-shirt material?

The quality of t-shirt should be evaluated keeping in mind how the t-shirt will be used. Heavier weights are more durable, ringspun is sturdier than regular cotton and polyester is better than cotton for t-shirts that will be used while playing a sport.

What is the most popular t-shirt style?

Our most popular t-shirt styles are our cheap long sleeve t-shirts, moisture-wicking t-shirts, women's plus size t-shirts wholesale, dry fit polo shirts wholesale, Raglan shirts. Our Gildan heather shirts are also a fan favorite!

What is the best type of t-shirt for printing?

When placing bulk shirt orders for printing, it’s important to take into consideration the size of your print, as well as the printing technique you wish to use. Different fabrics do best with different printing techniques. When opting for the screen printing technique, one of the easiest to pick t-shirts is the 100% cotton Next Level 3600. Ultimately, any of our blank style bulk t-shirts would do well for printing, as long as you match your printing technique to your t-shirts’ fabric blend.

What color t-shirts sell the most?

Selling blank shirts wholesale calls for having color options. And at Shirts in Bulk we have just that - LOTS of them too! The most popular colors are black, white, gray, safety green, mauve, and pink. Gildan shirt colors are especially extensive; one of our most popular t-shirts being the safety green Gildan tees.

What makes a t-shirt high-quality?

The fabric, dye-color, cut or pattern and stitching determine the quality of a t-shirt. Shirts in Bulk features brands that use the best fabrics and designs for their bulk wholesale clothes.

How do I know the size of my shirt?

Get out your measuring tape and use Shirts In Bulk’s size guide to understand what size of shirt will fit you most comfortably. Choose between sizes ranging from XS to 6XL, and fits that go from petite to plus and tall sizes. The size nomenclatures are derived using body length, body width and sleeve length measurements. Remember to account for post-wash shrinkage when placing your order.

What weight is a good quality t-shirt?

Most standard t-shirts weigh between 3 oz and 7 oz. Anything below this might be too lightweight and made of not very durable fabric. On Shirts In Bulk, you can find and select t-shirts by their weight.

Which shirt brand is the best quality?

Top brands available on Shirts In Bulk are Gildan, Team 365, Next Level, Bella + Canvas, Rabbit Skins, Champion, Hanes, Jerzees, Anvil, Alternative, Fruit of the Loom, Comfort Colors, Harriton and Yupoon.

What's the difference between a raglan shirt and a t-shirt?

Raglan is a style of shirt. It has sleeves that extend all the way to the collar and neckline. The sleeves are generally a different color than the rest of the shirt. A t-shirt is a shirt generally of a stretchy and light fabric. It has sleeves that stop at the shoulder, which are generally of the same color as the rest of the t-shirt.

What are moisture-wicking t-shirts?

A moisture-wicking shirt is one which does not cling to your body when you sweat and stays relatively dry even during high performance activities like running and exercising at the gym. You’ll find many 100% polyester Team 365 shirts in our collection, which are in fact all moisture-wicking t-shirts.

Do moisture-wicking shirts work?

Yes! The fabric strands in a moisture-wicking shirt wick the moisture and move it to the outer layer of the clothing, allowing it to evaporate quickly.

Do you offer plus size t-shirts?

Yes! Shirts in Bulk offer t-shirts in sizes ranging from XL to 6XL.

Do you offer tall size t-shirts?

Yes! Shirts in Bulk offers tall size t-shirts ranging from sizes XLT to 6XLT.

How much do t-shirts cost in bulk?

On Shirts In Bulk t-shirt prices can start from as low as $3. With volume discounts and bulk discounts, you can receive discounts of anywhere between 5% to 10% of your cart value, which ends up costing you much less per t-shirt.

Do you offer bulk apparel coupons on your t-shirts?

Yes, we offer bulk apparel coupons on t-shirts. Join our email list to receive yours!

All t-shirts appear the same to me. Can you really distinguish one t-shirt from another?

There are many kinds of t-shirts. Let’s give you a few examples. The earth-friendly t-shirt contains organic such as cotton and recycled materials such as plastic from water bottles. There is the moisture wicking t-shirt which is ideal for outdoor activities or while playing a sport. It is made of special fabrics, generally synthetic. A close cousin of moisture wicking t-shirt is the performance t-shirt worn again while exercising or while playing a sport and they come with the added advantage of protection from UV rays. Even within the regular cotton t-shirt, the ones that are made of ringspun cotton are sturdier than other simpler kinds of cotton.

Not all t-shirts are made equal

Before you buy your next t-shirt, here are a few questions you need to ask yourself.

  • What fabric is the t-shirt made of?
  • What are the physical features or forms that I should look out for in a t-shirt?
  • When and where will the t-shirt be worn?

T-shirt fabric

T-shirts could be made of cotton, polyester, spandex, rayon, viscose or a blend of fabrics. Cotton is known to be kinder to the skin, but takes time drying. Polyester, spandex and rayon are synthetic fabrics, while viscose is a semi-synthetic fabric. T-shirts made from these synthetic fabrics dry quickly and generally drape well on the body if you are looking for form-fitting t-shirts.

Physical attributes of a t-shirt

T-shirts come in a variety of colors, sizes, fabric weights, sleeve lengths, cuffs, necklines, waist sizes, lengths and fits.

Use Shirts In Bulk’s size guide to understand exactly what size of shirt will fit you most comfortably and choose between sizes that range from XS to 6XL. The density, thickness and durability of your t-shirt will be affected by the fabric weight. Heavier weights are often preferred for use during winter, although that is not always the case. On Shirts In Bulk, you can search through t-shirts according to weights.

Next comes design and style. We offer a large range of necklines to choose from; crew, deep V-neck, off-shoulder, V-neck, zippered, Henley are just to name a few. Sleeve lengths vary too, from no sleeves all the way to long sleeves. Choose a t-shirt with a neckline and sleeve length according to your personal style preferences.

Here’s an interesting factoid for you. Did you know that plus size clothing and clothing for children are often needlessly priced at higher costs than they should? However, when you buy from a shirt supplier like Shirts in Bulk, you can buy t-shirts at wholesale prices for as little as $3!

T-shirt usage

Depending on where and when a t-shirt is worn, it can be broadly classified as a basic t-shirt, athletic t-shirt or fashion t-shirt.

The basic t-shirt is one that comes to mind the minute we hear the word t-shirt! These come in a variety of colors. However, grey, melange, black, blue, red and white are the popular ones. Basic t-shirts are versatile and are built from durable fabric. These t-shirts are generally made up of a higher percentage of cotton, making them great for basic screen printing.

Athletic t-shirts are designed to be worn when engaged in a sport or for use in a gym. These have moisture wicking properties and offer UV protection so that you can exercise and play without worrying about sweat or sunburn. They are built using polyester as the base fabric.

Fashion t-shirts are the fun and adventurous members of the t-shirt family. They come in a larger variety of colors, cuts, and neck and sleeve shapes, and are available in a variety of fabric blends.

Now that you’re a t-shirt expert, it’s time to pick one out. Happy bulk t-shirt shopping!

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