Want some new business casual attire that is cheap, high-quality and is accompanied by outstanding customer service to make the buying process as easy as can be? Well, what you need are polo shirts from Shirts in Bulk - more so if you are looking to buy in bulk, obviously! So if you’re after some blank style company polos for your employees, some golf polos for your buddies down at the golf course, or just a couple new pieces for your semi-casual wardrobe, rest assured, you’ve come to the right place. (read more)

Dressing this piece of clothing up or down is fun and a piece of cake, but in order to do this right and make the most of your polos, you need to understand them first. Different materials, fits and styles suit different uses and scenarios, and we go into that in depth in the Polo FAQ section below. But for starters, as wholesale shirt suppliers, we sell polo shirts in a wide range of different fabrics, namely:

Our polo shirts have design elements and features such as:

Read our Polo FAQ below to learn more about the ins and outs of choosing the right polo shirt for you. This way, you can start buying in bulk - the affordable and smart way!

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Shirts In Bulk Polos FAQs

Do you offer polo shirts for men and women?

Yes! Shirts in Bulk offers bulk apparel including polo shirts for everyone. Check out our cheap women’s polo shirts, men’s polo shirts, and even children’s polo shirts by selecting the relevant options under “Gender/Age” in the filters.

Do you offer polo shirts with sun protection?

Yes! Shirts in Bulk carries polo shirts with sun protection. Check out our polo shirts with sun protection by selecting “UPF Sun Protection” under “features” in the filters.

What is color block material?

Color blocked material is fabric that is made by sewing together two or more pieces of contrasting or complimentary fabric. The finished garment is often used to make stylish polo shirts. Buy color blocked polo shirts wholesale by selecting “Color Blocked” under “Features” in the filters.

What are the different types of polo?

Shirts in Bulk offers bulk golf shirts (essentially polyester polos for active use), full sleeve polo shirts, blank polo shirts for printing, color blocked polo shirts, pique polo shirts and plain old half sleeve polo shirts in a variety of colors.

What are some of the features of your polos?

As polo wholesalers, we carry cheap polo shirts that come with a variety of features to choose between. Some of them are anti-microbial, earth-friendly, moisture-wicking and UPF sun protection properties. See the complete list of features we offer by selecting “Features” in the filters.

What is the difference between a Jersey polo and a pique polo?

Jersey polos are made from the same fabric used to make t-shirts. Pique polo shirts are made from thicker, more durable fabric that are identified by their characteristic “waffle” or “honeycomb” texture. Pique polos are more structured and show less sweat, making them ideal for use as blank workwear polo shirts.

What color polo shirts are most popular?

Selling blank style bulk wholesale clothes calls for them to be made with not only the best fabric, but come in lots of color options too. And that’s exactly what you will find at Shirts in Bulk. The most popular polo shirt colors are black, white, gray, navy, red, forest green and maroon.

Do you offer earth-friendly polos?

Yes! Apply the “Earth-friendly” filter on our collection of bulk apparel polo shirts to see our full range.

What makes a good golf polo shirt?

The best golf polo shirts are made of blends made from synthetic materials like polyester, rayon and spandex. These blends are often called performance wear or dri fit by popular brands. A good golf shirt looks good when worn casually and feels comfortable and relatively dry when worn on the course.

What is the best type of polo shirt for printing?

When buying blank apparel for printing, it’s important to take into consideration the size of your print, as well as the printing technique you wish to use. Different fabrics do best with different printing techniques. For instance, when opting for the screen printing technique to print on company golf shirts, go for a polo shirt with a higher percentage of cotton. These also happen to be the best blank polo shirts for embroidery. Ultimately, any of our blank shirts would do well for printing, as long as you match your printing and embroidery techniques to your shirt’s fabric blend.

What makes a polo high-quality?

The fabric, dye-color, cut or pattern and stitching determine the quality of a polo shirt. Shirts in Bulk features brands that use the best fabrics and designs for your bulk shirt orders.

What is a moisture-wicking polo?

A moisture-wicking polo shirt is one which does not cling to your body when you sweat and stays relatively dry even during high performance activities like exercising and golfing. The fabric strands in a moisture-wicking shirt wick the moisture and move it to the outer layer of the clothing, allowing it to evaporate quickly. You’ll find many polyester blend moisture-wicking polo shirts in our collection by selecting “Moisture Wicking” under “Features” in the filters. So, get to buying your performance shirts wholesale already!

Which of your polos are most durable?

100% polyester polo shirts are the most durable ones out there. They do not wrinkle, shrink, crease, fade or wear out easily.

What are some of the different style polos?

Some of the different styles of polos include 2 button placket, 3 button placket, zippered placket and v-neck styles. Check out the full range by selecting “Placket/Neck” in the filters.

What is a good polo for work?

If you think you can’t buy clothing in bulk for workwear, think again. Check out our collection of higher end polo shirts by brands like Puma, Nautica and Spyder. Pair a high-quality polo shirt with a fashionable pair of trousers, and top it off with a blazer for the perfect business casual look.

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