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From an important work meeting to lunch with friends or even a fun night-out, woven shirts are a must-have in your collection of versatile everyday wear! They are the quintessential piece of clothing that can perfectly complement any look. So, if you are looking for woven shirts, look no further because, at Shirts in Bulk, we offer the best shirts wholesale with durable fabric and at great prices. (read more)

Explore our diverse collection of woven shirts for men and women, blank workwear, cheap long sleeve woven shirts, woven shirts with patterns, denim button shirts, and other bulk wholesale clothes. Choose from brands like Columbia, North End, UltraClub, Devon & Jones, and more to find what you are looking for!

With Shirts in Bulk, the options are endless. Some of our Wholesale blank button-down shirts offer features such as pockets, wrinkle-resistant, and stain-resistant features. Not only do we assure our buyers a wide range of choices by size, color, types, and even sleeve length, but we also guarantee premium quality with products from the best brands!

If you’re looking for customizable woven shirts for work or any such event, you can find our blank apparel in designs including broadcloth, plaid, gingham, twill, performance, and poplin. All our blank style shirts come with the best fabrics such as cotton, polyester, rayon, and 50-50 blends that you can purchase through bulk shirt orders.

No matter the occasion or look, our woven shirts will be the perfect fit in your wardrobe. All that remains is for you to take your pick!

Read our FAQs below to learn more about our woven shirts.

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Woven Shirts FAQs

What is the difference between a dress shirt and a button-down?

A dress shirt is a woven shirt that is usually worn on formal occasions or professional settings, which has buttons down the front. A button-down shirt can be both formal and casual and refers only to the style of the collar, which bears two buttons and can be fastened down. Button-down shirts can be a type of dress shirt and can also be a type of informal wear, as in the case of cabana shirts and fishing shirts.

What types of woven shirts do you offer?

At Shirts in Bulk, we offer a range of wholesale woven shirts for your everyday needs. Our collection includes broadcloth, banker stripes, scrub tops, wholesale blank button-up, and button-down shirts, 50-50 cotton-poly blend shirts, wrinkle-resistant performance shirts, stretch twill shirts, and more!

What is a camp shirt style?

A camp shirt or a cabana shirt is a textured loose blank style woven shirt with buttons down the front. Usually untucked, it is best worn casually. Our variety of camp shirts come in different colors and sizes and are made of the best fabric for easy wear.

What is the difference between button-up and button-down shirts?

Button up and button-down shirts are essentially the same, with buttons running all the way up a shirt. The difference lies in the collar. Button-down shirts are dress shirts with their characteristic buttons on the collar. They are made to fasten the collar and keep it in place or to ‘button down’, and are ideally worn with a skinny tie and blazer.

What size woven shirts do you offer?

Shirts in Bulk offers woven shirts for men and women in all sizes, ranging from sizes XXS to 6XL.

What is special about a fishing shirt?

Fishing shirts are unique short and long sleeve woven shirts with multiple pockets in all the right places, making them perfect for outdoor activities!

What is an Oxford shirt?

Oxford shirts are a fine, lightweight woven button-down blend shirt with a basket weave design that gives it a lustrous effect. They are an ideal type of dress shirt and are extremely durable and soft.

Why is it called a button-down shirt?

The name button-down highlights a particular style of the collar in both dress shirts and casual shirts that contains two buttons that can be fastened down. This makes sure that the collar is not standing or flopping and makes for a trendy and sober look for the workplace and outdoors.

What is broadcloth vs cotton?

Broadcloth refers to a close-weave fabric that is mixed and contains a blend of cotton and rayon, or cotton or rayon with polyester. Cotton fabric is a simple, soft fiber that makes for a structured and cool fabric, suited for summer wear.

Do you have wrinkle-resistant woven shirts?

Yes! Shirts in Bulk has a collection of wrinkle-resistant woven shirts for every occasion. Apply the “Wrinkle Resistant” filter on our collection of bulk apparel woven shirts to see our full range.

How did denim shirts become so popular?

Denim shirts are a timeless piece of woven cloth that became the most popular as an iconic fashion statement. Their popularity is due to their durable blended fabric, which can be worn anyplace with ease.

What are banker stripe shirts?

Banker shirts are comfortable and breathable shirts with a rolled button-down collar and a professional fit. They typically bear stripes that run lengthwise along the fabric, which makes it a versatile garment that can pair well with any look.

Do you have stain-resistant woven shirts?

Yes! One of our best-selling wholesale stain-resistant woven shirts is the Devon & Jones D620 Crown Woven Collection Solid Broadcloth, which also happens to have a stain-release finish. Apply the “Stain Resistant” filter on our collection of bulk apparel woven shirts to see our full range.

What's the difference between broadcloth and poplin?

Broadcloth refers to a wide plain-weave fabric made of cotton, rayon, or a blend of cotton or rayon with polyester. Poplin is a heavy-weight plain weave that is usually piece dyed and has a shiny and lustrous surface.

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