High Visibility Shirts

Hi vis clothing refers to apparel that workers wear to make themselves appear more visible in their work environments. These places of work are often hazardous, lit with low light, near busy traffic or all three. There are also lower risk situations where people like to wear hi vis clothes, like during early morning and late night runs. (read more)

Some people even wear fluorescent and hi vis t-shirts as a style statement, and to that we say why not! At Shirts in Bulk, we cater to customers buying for all sorts of reasons and in all quantities.

We also offer blank safety shirts and vests for printing your own safety vests with logos and other prints. For those looking for hi vis apparel for working safely in extra dimly lit conditions, we offer class 2 and class 3 safety apparel with reflective tape.

Read our FAQs below to learn more about our high visibility shirts.

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Shirts In Bulk High Visibility FAQs

Do you offer men’s and women’s safety apparel?

Yes! Shirts in Bulk offers bulk wholesale clothes for everyone. This includes men’s high visibility safety shirts, women’s high visibility safety shirts, and even high visibility safety shirts for the youth and toddlers. Check out our full range by selecting the relevant options under “Gender/Age” in the filters.

Do you offer safety green and safety yellow apparel? What other safety colors do you offer?

Yes! Shirts in Bulk not only offers safety green and safety yellow apparel, but also stocks hi vis clothing in many other colors like safety pink, safety orange and neon blue.

What are the OSHA safety colors and do you offer these colors in your apparel?

OSHA has guidelines that require employees working on highways and road construction to wear clothing that make them easily visible to drivers, or hi-vis apparel. The OSHA manual details that daytime workers must wear a safety vest with pockets, high visibility jacket, high visibility shirts, hi visibility hoodies and hi visibility sweatshirt in the colors orange, yellow or bright yellow-green. These colors can be fluorescent. Shirts is Bulk offers all of these recommended colors and more.

What material is high visibility clothing made of?

High visibility clothing is made using reflective material like materials dyed using fluorescent colors, micro-prismatic tape, glass bead reflective tape and retro-reflective material using glass beads.

What is the best high visibility color for clothing?

The most widely used color for reflector work shirts and safety shirts is safety green.

Why is high visibility clothing so popular?

Safety color shirts are necessary for manual workers working outdoors but bulk t-shirts and clothing like hi vis t shirts, high vis hoodies, safety work shirts, safety polo shirts, safety tie-dye and safety pants are trending in fashion as well. If you ask us, this is due to obvious reasons - to stand out and be seen, of course!

What is the difference between Class 2 safety shirts and class 3 safety shirts? Do you offer both?

Class 2 safety shirts are used by those working near heavy traffic areas under low visibility conditions. They are typically worn by people like airport workers and forest workers. These are safety yellow shirts or vests with a minimum of 201 sq. inches of reflective tape. Class 3 safety shirts are mainly reserved for emergency responders, railway workers and utility workers, who work extremely close to high-traffic areas and other hazardous areas. These are safety green shirts with a minimum of 310 sq. inches of reflective tape. Shirts in Bulk offers both. Use the search bar to pick from our complete range!

What are the best hi vis hoodies?

Our most popular high vis hoodies are the Gildan G125 DryBlend Hooded Sweatshirt, Gildan G186 Heavy Blend 50/50 and the Harriton M990 Full-Zip Fleece.

What are your top brands for hi vis clothing and bulk safety apparel?

Our top brands for bulk apparel safety vests and blank hi vis shirts are Hanes, Team 365, Gildan, Harriton and Berne.

Do you offer hi vis clothing for rain and cold weather?

Yes! Shirts in Bulk offers safety raingear and custom safety vests for use in rainy weather. We also stock high vis hoodies for use in cold weather.

Do you offer just high visibility shirts?

Not only do we offer blank style, breathable safety shirts in long sleeve and short sleeve varieties, but also hi-vis hats and hi vis moisture wicking shirts, among so much more. Check out our full range by selecting the relevant options under “Type” and “Fashion” in the filters.

Is your hi-vis apparel versatile?

Yes! Shirts in Bulk offers hi-vis apparel for a wide range of applications like corporate use, running, fashion and for on-site work in locations that require high visibility.

Can I order high-visibility clothing in bulk? Is there a discount?

Yes, we offer bulk apparel coupons on all our items including high-visibility clothing. Join our email list to receive yours!

What are the best safety colors for high visibility?

According to the ANSI 107 standard; safety yellow, safety orange and safety red are the acceptable high-visibility colors.

Does Shirts in Bulk offer hi-vis polos?

Yes! Shirts in Bulk offers hi-vis polos and so many other types of hi-vis apparel. Check out our full range by selecting the relevant options under “Type” and “Fashion” in the filters.

What are your most popular hi-vis shirts for running or jogging? For men? For women?

Our most popular hi-vis shirts for men are the Team 365 TT11 Men’s Zone Performance T-Shirt and the Gildan G420 Adult Performance Adult T-Shirt, in the safety green color. For women, our best selling hi-vis activewear include the Gildan G420L Ladies’ Performance T-Shirt and Gildan G47V Ladies’ Performance T-Shirt, in both the safety green and safety pink colors.

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