In or Out? The Best Times to Tuck and Untuck a Shirt

Looking your best is something that everyone aims to do. However, depending on the occasion, your look may vary to accommodate your environment. Whether you’re wearing an undershirt, polo shirt, turtleneck, buttoned-down shirt or even a Hawaiian shirt, protocol for tucking in your shirt may change according to the event that you will be attending. Nevertheless, it essential that you always put your best foot forward no matter where you go. 

First Date 

If you’ve been lucky enough to score a date with a high-quality woman, you should always dress to impress. Your shirt that you wear should depend on the nature of your date. If you are taking her to a five-star restaurant, then you should wear fitted, buttoned-down shirt, which can be left untucked if you choose to not wear a suit jacket. If it’s winter, and you decide to wear a turtleneck, then you can also leave it untucked. However, if you would like to show off a belt and are wearing a sports jacket over it, then tucking in your shirt will allow your outfit to flow more smoothly. 

Job Interviews 

A job interview outfit should always be the best of the best. First impressions are priceless so you should always wear a suit with a tucked-in shirt. Any outfit that requires a tie should require the shirt to be tucked in as a part of the outfit. If you choose to go casual with a polo shirt, it can be left untucked. However, the polo shirt must be fitted as well as your khakis, allowing you to have a casual professional look for the summer. 

Before you decide whether to tuck in or leave out, read the invitation. If it says that jeans are ok, then you can leave your shirt untucked. You could even pull off a designer t-shirt or a fun Hawaiian shirt if the wedding is a casual affair. If the invitation is standard and mentions formal attire, then you should expect to tuck in your shirt and add a suit to go with it. 

While funerals can be viewed as a celebration of life, they are still occasions that require formal attire as a sign of respect. For this occasion, you should always tuck in your shirt. Wakes can be seen in a more casual manner and allow for a more relaxed wardrobe. You can leave your shirt untucked for a wake unless formal attire is specified. 

Sports Outings 

The clothes that you chose to wear to a sport outing depends on the sport. For example, if you are attending a horse racing event as a fundraiser or networking event, you should tuck in your shirt and wear a sports blazer. If the weather is too warm for a sport blazer, wear a polo shirt. Even if you do not choose to tuck in your polo shirt, be sure to wear a fitted shirt, providing a professional but casual look. If you are attending a casual sporting event for just fun, such as a basketball, football or baseball game, you should wear an untucked jersey or t-shirt. 

Meeting the Parents 

If you just started dating someone new, you should dress nicely when first meeting the parents. Dress according to the setting of the meeting. When dinner is on the agenda, wear a tucked-in buttoned-down shirt. Additionally, if you are going to a traditionally conservative venue, such as a church, restaurant, fundraiser, etc., you should always dress up as you would do for a job interview. If you’re meeting someone’s parents, you should want to impress them. However, be sure to feel comfortable in your choice of clothes so you can be your best self during the outing. 

Movies or Drinks with Friends 

Whether you are catching a movie with a date or having drinks with friends, a tucked-in shirt will make you look uptight. If you didn’t get a chance to change out of your formal wear from work, just untuck your shirt and enjoy the night. 

Style is subjective, and everyone must define what makes or breaks a killer outfit. Since shirts come in a variety styles and sizes for different occasions and seasons, it is essential that you think about what kind of statement you would like to make with your wardrobe choices. A shirt tucked-in versus and untucked shirt may seem like a subtle difference, but it can create a completely different vibe for the occasion. By being conscious of the energy that you would like to exude with your clothes and personality, you will be able to make the right choice without much second guessing. When in doubt, wear both and choose the one that makes you look the best and feel the most confident in your skin.
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