Must have tips for shopping for clothing online

Online shopping has revolutionized the way a lot of people shop for clothing. There is a much better selection of practically everything, it is much easier to compare prices, and it is more convenient than going out to the store. Who wouldn’t want to go shopping from the comfort of their living room? But, with convenience comes concern – so here are some great tips for making sure you get the apparel you want at the prices you want from a trusted source.

  • Keep updated on deals from your favorite sites.
    If there is a place you really like to shop for clothing, be sure to bookmark the site, sign up for email updates and newsletters, and follow them on their social media pages.
  • Buying in bulk can save you money.
    Some websites offer discounted prices at certain quantities or price benchmarks. If there is a clothing product you really like, why not buy it in a variety of colors. Buying in bulk is also great for company and school events, and family reunions.
  • Cut down on shipping fees by buying in bulk.
    A lot of websites offer discounted shipping once you spend a minimum amount. Here at, shipping is discounted at $25 and free for orders over $50.
  • Double check your order before confirming.
    Make sure that you have the exact quantity and styles you want before officially making a purchase. Make sure you have entered any coupon codes and credits you may have. Always double check the price looks right. If you filled your shopping cart then saved it and left the site, make sure when you return that the prices you expected to pay are still current.
  • Keep detailed records of your purchases.
    Always make sure you have a record of the website URL, the seller’s name, item numbers, and quantities. It is always smart to print or save your order confirmations screens and emails.
  • Stay safe online.
    Make sure to create strong and unique passwords. It is also wise to make purchases only on your own computer or personal internet device.
  • Check to see if there is a phone-in option.
    If you are uncomfortable making credit card transactions over the Internet, contact the seller to see if you can arrange a time to call to place the order over the telephone. With this option, always make sure you keep a detailed record of the date, time, and the name of the person who took your card information. And never put your credit card information in an email.
  • Use PayPal.
    PayPal is a safe option for paying over the internet. Your financial information is never shared with the online merchants when using any of the options of paying with a PayPal balance, directly from your bank account, or with your credit card. This is also a great option when a particular site that has everything you need and want does not accept your preferred credit card type.
  • Check for a third party seal of approval.
    Before entering your credit card information online, make sure the website has been verified by a third party. Usually the verified merchant seals are located at the very bottom of the page. Never submit your information to an unverified or untrusted site. Also make sure that the page you are entering your credit card information into has an SSL security certificate. Your web browser will usually have a ‘lock’ icon or a green URL bar to indicate the page is secure. Unsecure websites transmit your credit card information in plain text across the internet, leaving it a prime target for theft.
  • Be smart.
    Buying clothing online, especially for the first time, can be intimidating, so make sure to follow these tips to ensure you have the safest and easiest online shopping experience.

Happy Shopping!
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