Saving money by purchasing clothing in bulk

Look for bulk discounts. Be sure to shop with retailers who offer bulk discounts. If there is an item you would like to buy in bulk, there is no reason to pay higher prices at an expensive store that will never slash the price once you’ve reached a large quantity.

Stock up, but don’t overstock. This is very important to keep in mind so you’re not wasting money when you think you’re saving. Carefully think about how many of a certain item you could possibly use in any style. There are some items you can almost never have too many of, such as towels and underwear, so keep this in mind when you find a good deal on certain closet staples.

Plan ahead. Know what items you want ahead of time so you can wait for deals. Check the items once a week or so to see when they go on sale. Prices will get even lower with bulk discounts on top of these periodic sales. “Like” us on Facebook to see our weekly deals as soon as they are announced!

Save now. Hope as we might, no one can avoid inflation! If you can plan to buy an item in bulk, and the supply of t-shirts lasts you ten years, you’ve successfully avoided paying increasing amounts for ten years on that type of shirt.

Purchase for future needs. Babies grow so fast, sometimes it seems like they grow right before your eyes. If you find a particular infant clothing item you like, buy a few in every larger size and in a couple of colors. As much fun as it is picking out adorable and fancy baby clothing, it makes a lot of sense to buy the closet staples in bulk at wholesale prices and leave the expensive outfit purchasing to the happy grandparents and relatives. Same goes for toddler and youth styles.

Buy in blank apparel bulk and restyle it. You can save a lot by buying multiples in the same exact sizes and colors as well, especially when shopping for children’s clothing. Dress up each shirt differently with fabric paints or different craft items. Not only is it a fun idea for the kids to be decorating their own clothing, but it can really be a huge savings for you. Do-It-Yourself, or DIY, projects are also very popular among young adults; t-shirts, especially oversized can be refashioned into just about anything, and it is a lot of fun to do. Buy ten of the same shirt, and with a little bit of imagination and sewing, you can come out with ten completely different shirts, skirts, bags, etc.

Shipping discounts. Online retailers may offer shipping incentives once you’ve hit a certain dollar amount. Here at, shipping is free for orders over $50. When your cart has $25 in it, shipping is discounted to $5.99. Less than $25 and the flat rate of $9.99 is charged. Of course the savings do not end there, if you are on the cusp of $25 or $50, the addition of another item might be paid for by your shipping discount!

We invite you to browse the website and see our low prices in all categories of blank apparel! Welcome to the world of savings!!

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