Top Fashion Trends

This is the year of big, bold patterns, emphasis on bold. The more colorful you’re willing to go, the better. How do I know? Valentino, Givenchy, Prada and the who’s who of fashion have spoken, and as usual, we’re paying attention.

What they send down the runway strapped, belted, or Velcroed to their hollow-cheeked and sylphlike models always trickles down to us “commoners” months later, and in a slightly watered-down fashion, pun intended.

Whether you’re a curvier babe or on the slender side, prints will suit you just fine and make you the talk of any room you enter—in a good way. 



The hoity-toity, glamourous world of fashion's elite has gone all utilitarian on us, and I quite like it. We’re headed to the days of relaxed denims and utility jackets. Yes, comfort, girls!

I know, sounds too good to be true, right? Maybe not.

I watched Balmain parade it down the catwalk, and Fendi and Givenchy and Van Noten and Hermès and…you get the point. So, come on, let’s enjoy it while we can.

If they’re advocating for boiler suits, then boiler suits it is, and combat trousers with loose-cut pockets, semi-fitted but to some extent baggy. It’s like the 90s all over again. Plus, anything that will give us a small reprieve from the skinny jeans craze and skin tight this and see-through that is welcome.

No worries, if you happen to be the super girly type and want to dress up your utilitarian pieces, opt for ornate accessories or eye-popping heels. Works every time.


Hello, Kitty

You can breathe easy. Hello Kitty has not made a comeback yet, and probably never will. Hold on, did she ever leave? That’s neither here nor there. But surprise, surprise, animal prints have done a complete 180.

You will undoubtedly have a plethora of animalistic pieces to nab for your wardrobe, namely the large cat family patterns like leopard and cheetah. Zebra and snake prints will be a thing, too. Not only that but also dresses with an assortment of animal prints concurrently.

Moreover, some of the mammal-inspired prints will be color blocked and multi-colored. I’m not sure we’re at the Burberry stage yet, rocking cow print like it’s hot, but hey, perhaps one day.

For now, have a little fun and layer and mix and match your animal prints, you rebel.



It seems tie-dye never goes out of style, at least not for too long. And what do you know? It’s still going strong.

Dior models strutted the catwalk in it, over florals. Prada’s models were decked out in fluorescent versions of it. McCartney displayed part of her collection in kind of a dumbed down way with T-shirts and combat trousers, tie-dye at the helm.

That can only mean one thing: Tie-dye is trending.

Best received in the warmer seasons, the beloved print will exude cuteness if worn coupled with a top or bottom, accordingly. Tie-dye all over, though, say, in a midi-length bodycon style dress, now that spells sexy.

However you decide to throw it together, you’ll look irresistible, I’m sure.


In One Piece

Leotards are our friends. Dior has made a big to-do out of them lately. All I know is, they’re convenient and can help squish in that extra tummy that we, OK, I, have. They can be worn with just about any bottoms: skirts, trousers, jeans, shorts, doesn’t matter.

Black and grays, sunny shades, and patterned selections are the best leotard choices, if you ask me. For a chic, corporate look, follow in the footsteps of Chanel and pair them with wide-leg pants. Now that’s foxy.

A good alternative to the leotard is the bodysuit, so take it for what it’s worth.


Doing Acid

What does Isabel Marant and Alexander Wang have in common? Acid-washed denim, baby. But wait, before you go out and buy a pair of correlating jeans, think outside of the box. Denim doesn’t have to be jeans.

Shorts, dresses, shirts and open back rompers are viable options, as well.

Unfortunately, acid-washed clothes are not just squeeze in it and go. There are protocols and strategies to wearing them. For example, if you wear an acid-washed dress, be sure to show some skin, as much of it as you can without being sleazy.

Match squarish jeans with either a dark blazer or a super bright or neon one. 

Before I make my exit, I just have a couple more things to say. Don’t forget the shoes. As long as you snatch you up some lovely white, transparent and black footwear, you’re covered. Oh, throw a red pair in the mix for a little fun. These will be your staples for the year.

And remember, you can don a blouse, overalls, clutch, or a potato sack, just remember the prints, ladies.

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