Why wear golf shirts?

Simply put, golf shirts improve one’s game without requiring any extra practice time! Wearing the right shirt can make the eighteen holes a breeze. Dressing appropriately for a golf game goes far beyond following the dress code of the golf club. For most private courses, it is required to wear a collared shirt, and the tricks for a lower score lie in the specifications of the collared shirt.

Golf specific shirts are engineered to enhance a golfer’s game through comfort. A full round of golf, no matter the weather, will lead to some perspiration, and it is very difficult to play in damp and heavy clothing. Moisture wicking fabrics are designed to quickly absorb water particles to the outer surface, where they can evaporate easily and not disturb the golfer’s range of motion. An anti-bacterial finish, or anti-microbial finish both fight odor causing bacteria to keep the shirt fresh all day. Another innovation in golf shirts is the addition of UV protection to shield skin from the sun’s harmful rays. A golfer should look for these qualities in golf shirts, to be assured to stay cool, dry, and safe in the hottest of temperatures and on the sunniest of days.

A quality standard golf shirt is the Izod 13Z0075 Men’s Performance Golf Pique Polo. This 100% polyester pique shirt has a basic collar and two-button placket neckline for a professional and clean look. The fabric has moisture wicking technology to keep cool and dry, in addition to an anti-bacterial finish to prevent odors. The shirt has short sleeves and a loose, comfortable fit to stay with the golfer’s every move. This shirt is available in nine colors and five sizes ranging from S-2XL, for the ideal fit and color style.

The Izod 13Z0081 Women’s Performance Golf Pique Polo is a similar shirt, yet designed for a woman. For the female golfer, it is best for her game to wear a shirt cut with a more feminine fit around the chest and waist. This shirt also offers moisture wicking properties and anti-bacterial finishing, staying dry and fresh throughout all eighteen holes of the game. It is also available in nine colors and five sizes ranging from S-2XL.

The adidas Golf A01 Men’s ClimaCool Mesh Polo is another basic yet versatile golf shirt. The button-up top and rib knit collar provide a professional look for the golfer. This golf shirt has moisture wicking properties in addition to UV protection from the sun, and anti-microbial finishing that fights against odor causing bacteria. The material is meant to move with the golfer’s swing and fit close enough for a comfortable and attractive fit. To ensure the appropriate fit, it is available in six sizes, ranging from S-3XL, and five brilliant colors.

The adidas Golf A09 Women’s ClimaCool Mesh Polo has the same great qualities and has been designed specifically for the female golfer. It is made with the same fabric, which provides moisture protection, UV protection, and odor protection. The rib knit collar has white tipping on the edge for some added flair. It is available for the golfer in five sizes ranging from S-2XL and five dynamic colors so she can look her best on the course.

For a trendier look, the adidas Golf A76 Men’s ClimaLite 3-Stripes Cuff Polo offers a diversion from the basic polo. In addition to moisture wicking properties, this 100% polyester shirt has side vents to keep the torso cool throughout the game. The golfer won’t have to sacrifice style for comfort in this shirt, with its special three-stripe design on the sleeve. This golf shirt is also available in five colors and six sizes ranging from S-3XL.

For the female golfer, the adidas Golf A78 Women’s ClimaLite 3-Stripes Cuff Polo is the feminine cut version of the shirt. This golf shirt also has the three-stripe sleeve design, moisture wicking properties, and side vents for style and comfort. It is also available in five colors and five sizes ranging from S-2XL.

A great cotton and poly blend is the adidas Golf A88 Men’s ClimaLite Tour Jersey Short-Sleeve Polo. The fabric is made of 70% cotton and 30% polyester, and it is a versatile product for those who prefer higher cotton content. It has a hydrophilic finish which works similarly to the moisture wicking technology. This fabric finish reduces the cohesion of water so it evaporates more quickly and prevents the shirt from getting heavy and cumbersome. This jersey golf shirt also has side vents for extra heat release. The rib knit collar and cuffs have a contrast color on the tips. Overall this stylish and comfortable shirt is available in eleven colors and six sizes ranging from S-3XL.

A similar jersey shirt is available for women in the form of the adidas Golf A89 Women’s ClimaLite Tour Jersey Short-Sleeve Polo. This jersey fabric is actually made up of 65% cotton, 30% polyester, and 5% lycra. It has the benefits of both moisture wicking properties and the hydrophilic finish so the golfer is cool, dry, and confident out on the course. This golf shirt also has a rib knit collar and cuffs with a contrast color tipping for a little bit of flare. It is available in eleven colors and five sizes ranging from S-2XL.

For chillier days, long sleeve shirts are always great to have available. The adidas Golf A56 Men’s ClimaLite Long-Sleeve Reflex Pique Polo is a basic long sleeve shirt made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester. Even on a cold day, a full round of golf will surely cause a sweat, and this golf shirt has moisture wicking properties and side vents to remain cool and dry. It has a mechanical stretch to allow for a full range of motion, and it is available in four colors and six sizes ranging from S-3XL for the best style and fit.

Weather can be very unpredictable, so it is best to be prepared with a pullover for potentially cold and rainy days. The adidas Golf Wholesale Men’s ClimaLite Quarter-Zip Colorblock Pullover is made up of 84% cotton, 10% polyester, 6% lycra with a hydrophilic and Teflon finish. The hydrophilic finish is added to fight moisture and the Teflon finish is added to provide a stain, oil, and water repellant quality. It is available in black/white or navy/white and in six sizes ranging from S-3XL.

A similar pullover is available for women as the adidas Golf A71 Women’s ClimaLite Full-Zip Jacket. It is made up of the same 84/10/6 cotton/poly/lycra blend with the hydrophilic and Teflon finish for extra comfort, protection, and stain-resistance. With the full-zip and rib knit cuffs, it feels like a cozy cardigan and is perfect for the lower temperatures of early mornings and colder months. This jacket is available in a stylish black/white or navy/white color scheme in five sizes ranging from S-2XL.

Finding versatile golf shirts can really improve a golfer’s game. When the golfer finds the ideal shirt with a great fit and the best qualities to help in unpredictable weather conditions, it is a great idea to buy in bulk. A lot of the best golf shirts are available in a variety of colors to really help stock a closet. With a couple of favorite styles, the golfer can consistently play excellent games without wardrobe worries.

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