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Shirts in Bulk is your ultimate wholesale shirt, bags and accessories source. You'll find everything from apparel for professionals to accessories for everyday use. Whether you're looking for a gift for your employees, sporting event essentials for your family and friends, or business essentials for your clients, we have what you need. (read more)

Blank bags are the perfect accessory for showing off a little bit of personality. A bag is a great way to dress up your look and add a little flair. Plus, decorating and customizing bags can be a fun way to get creative and express yourself. Whatever the purpose, we have a great selection of plain tote bags, backpacks, coolers, wholesale chef's coats, accessories and more, right here. We carry options like color, fabrics and features within each of these categories that meet your personal and business needs.

Read more about these in our FAQs below and get to purchasing your own wholesale bags and accessories already!

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Bags and Accessories FAQs

What kind of tote bags do you have?

We have over a 100 wholesale tote bags, in a wide variety of make, material, color and size! We offer heavy duty canvas tote bags wholesale, bulk insulated tote bags, eco-friendly tote bags wholesale, plain tote bags bulk and so much more. You’ll even find some for as little as $1!

What brand of tote bags are best?

Top brands of bulk tote bags available on Shirts In Bulk are econscious, Gemline, Champion, Authentic Pigment, Liberty Bags and BAGedge.

What makes a good tote bag?

A good tote bag for you depends on your needs and budget. Are you going grocery shopping, working out at the gym, just taking a stroll around town, going on vacation or something else? High quality totes are made using durable fabrics and strong stitching techniques, no matter what type you choose. At Shirts in Bulk, everything we offer, from bulk tote bags with zippers to cotton bags wholesale, is of the highest possible standard of quality.

What is the difference between a tote bag and a shopper bag?

The shopper bag is a type of tote bag that is generally a bit larger in size than the standard tote. While almost any sturdy tote can be used to go shopping, more heavy duty totes that you might often have gussets to provide more support. Check out our full range by selecting “Gusseted” under “Type” in the filters.

Can your tote bags be used as handbags or purses?

Yes! Tote bags come with a large capacity by design, making them ideal for using as a purse. Fill yours with whatever you need and make a fashion statement while at it. If it’s made of cotton, canvas, or another machine-washable material, just toss it in the laundry later. Doesn’t get easier or more practical than that!

Are your bags and accessories offered in a wide variety of colors, just like your shirts?

Selling blank style wholesale bags and totes calls for them to be made with not only the best fabric, but come in lots of color options too. And that’s exactly what you will find at Shirts in Bulk. The most popular bags and accessory colors are black, natural white and royal blue.

Do you offer aprons and accessories for restaurants?

Yes! Shirts in Bulk offers wholesale chef’s coats and wholesale aprons for those looking to purchase accessories for working at a restaurant, or even just to feel fancy while cooking at home!

What types of bags and backpacks does Shirts in Bulk offer?

Shirts in Bulk offers a variety of different bags ranging from reusable tote bags bulk, backpacks, duffel bags, messenger bags and briefcases, to fanny packs, drawstring bags and even sling bags wholesale. We offer backpacks in various colors, materials and with different features as well. Check out our full range by selecting “Type” in the filters.

Do you have wholesale coolers? Which are your most popular coolers?

Yes! Shirts in Bulk offers wholesale coolers in a variety of styles and colors. Our most popular coolers are the ones by Liberty Bags and Gemline.

What materials are your bags made of?

Shirts in Bulk offers wholesale apparel in bags in a range of materials like clear PVC, cotton, hemp, polyester and more. Check out our full range by selecting “Fabric” in the filters.

Are any of your bags eco-friendly?

Yes! Shirts in Bulk offers eco-friendly tote bags wholesale by the brand econscious, which is our most eco-friendly clothing line. Check out our full range by selecting “econscious” in the filters. You can also check out our full selection of eco-friendly products by selecting our “eco-friendly” category.

Are your tote bags machine-washable?

Most non-plastic tote bags are machine-washable, especially including tote bags made of materials like cotton, canvas and hemp. However, if your tote bag has embellishments like buttons, beads or metal, you should opt for hand washing instead.

I prefer bags with zipper enclosures. Does Shirts in Bulk offer this?

Yes! Shirts in Bulk offers bags with zipper enclosures.

What tote bags are best for the beach?

Totes that are made of water-proof and water-resistant materials are best for taking to the beach. Clear PVC tote bags and tote bags made of synthetic fabrics like polyester work well. Check our full range of materials by selecting “Fabric” in the filters.

Which of your fleece blankets are best to print on?

Plain, light-colored fleece blankets that are smooth are the best type to print on. We offer wholesale fleece blankets in a variety of colors at Shirts in Bulk. Check out our full range by selecting “Blanket” under “Type” in the filters.

What other accessories does Shirts in Bulk have?

Shirts in Bulk offers accessories like blankets wholesale, wholesale rally towels, wholesale aprons, chef’s coats and coolers.

Which tote bags are best to customize, personalize, or print on?

Tote bags that are made of materials that hold print well like cotton, canvas, and some synthetic materials are best for customization and printing. The BAGedge BE066 Canvas Print Tote STARS is a super cute one to choose if you’re looking for one that’s already partially printed!

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