Fashion Forward New Year

As the year is wrapping up, it’s time to start thinking about what the next year will bring. Along with new experiences and resolutions, come new trends. Over the years, fashion trends have come and gone, and this year is no different. Here is your guide to next year’s women’s fashion trends along with recommended styles from ShirtsInBulk.

With the winter weather already setting in, layering clothing is always a fantastic option – and it made this year’s list of fashion forward trends. Not only does layered clothing add warmth and coziness, but it also adds a dimension of style. An easy way to start with layers is to pair a longer length shirt with a regular length shirt or sweater. The Bella Kimberly Sheer Rib T-Shirt is a longer length t-shirt which looks great when combined with a regular length sweater or shirt, like the Bella Sophie Sheer Rib Long-Sleeve T-Shirt. The variety of colors offered in both styles, from teal to berry to true royal, allow you to mix and match with your favorite shades.

A popular but ever so comfortable style is made when pairing leggings or tights with cozy socks and boots. Have your socks stick out above your boots just a little bit – to enhance the look of layers. ShirtsInBulk offers the Bella Biance Leggings; this great quality product is an absolute staple for your layered wardrobe. They are form-fitting yet comfortable-  and stylish in the simplest way.  Alternatively, leggings or tights can be coupled with heels or stilettos to turn your favorite summer shoes into winter shoes.

Additionally, accessories add to the fun of layering. Scarves, long necklaces, bouncy earrings, bold bracelets and chic hats all enhance your layered look even more. ShirtsInBulk’s stylish Alternative Fidal Cap will undoubtedly enhance your style this year, as it’s made in a variety of colors and patterns from camouflage to black herringbone. When you get more comfortable with layers, start taking chances. Layer a warm cardigan or light jacket underneath your winter coat. Mix different textures or colors – like a jean jacket with a winter parka. But, remember layers aren’t just for winter.

In welcoming a new year, the fashion industry is also welcoming back sporty dresses. Ideal for active yet fashionable women, sporty dresses are versatile and are an easy look to pull off. Depending on the style, they can be worn over leggings or with flats or heels. Sporty dresses are a perfect, quick outfit to pack for trips or vacations, as their versatility allows them to be dressed up or dressed down. ShirtsInBulk offers a unique sporty dress, the Bella Cory Vintage T-Shirt Dress, which flatteringly drapes on the body. Offered in four different colors, dress it up with accessories like jewelry or a scarf, or down with a cute pair of flats. Not only is this dress perfect for all occasions, but it is also ideal for all seasons. Add a warm pair of leggings and a cardigan, and you have a cozy yet trendy winter outfit. However you wear it, it is a stand out piece this coming year.

Another fashion trend this year is wearing bold colors. You may be thinking that bold colors aren’t for you – or that you will stick to wearing just black again this year – but after a little experimenting with this trend, you may find that adding bold colors into your wardrobe was just the splash you needed. From neons and citrus shades to intense reds, this palette of eye-catching colors is easy to add to any wardrobe. If you want to start small, add a little bit of color – a bright piece of jewelry or a vibrant scarf. If you are feeling more adventurous, look for bold patterns or prints. ShirtsInBulk offers many products in a variety of vivid colors. Dabble with bright yellow, orange, teal, berry, raspberry, fuchsia, intense red, and leaf green with the Bella Baby Rib Cap-Sleeve T-Shirt. Splash some cantaloupe, turquoise, aqua, key lime, royal, and raspberry with the LA T Sportswear Combed Ringspun Scoop Neck T-Shirt. Both products are softly shaped for a classic feminine fit, so along with being fashion forward, you will also be comfortable.

In addition to adding colors to your casual look, add bold colors into your professional attire. For a business casual wardrobe, try the classic work shirt - the Van Heusen Solid Silky Poplin.  Offered in some fabulously bright colors – cardinal, periwinkle and pink to name a few, you will feel comfortable at work while feeling fashion forward.  This will look great coupled with fitted dress pants, khakis, trousers, or corduroys. You can even add layers to your vibrantly colored dress shirt by wearing a vest or a sweater. Adding this little splash of color to your wardrobe will definitely make your outfits pop this season.

The last trend for this year is the very wearable, practical combination of blacks and whites. It’s simple, dressy, and classic. You can even make this timeless appearance look edgy in a few ways – by combining blacks and whites through patterns and textures. For example, wear a paisley black and white dress with a black solid cardigan. Or black leather pants with a simple white top. The contrast of color not only looks awesome, but blacks and whites are wonderful because they make for excellent wardrobe staples. ShirtsInBulk’s Chestnut Hill Six-Button Cardigan is a high-quality, comfy cardigan which is offered in traditional black and white. Who doesn’t need a black cardigan in their closet? Or a white collared shirt?

If you are looking to add blacks and whites into your casual wardrobe, the Alternative Big League Burnout Baseball T-Shirt is available with a white torso and black sleeves. This leisurely t-shirt is offered in classic colors. This look is perfect with a pair of dark skinny jeans and black ballet flats. Easy to work into your wardrobe and always offering a timeless look, you can’t go wrong by combining blacks and whites this year, both in your casual and professional attire.

As you are getting ready for the new year, whether dressing for work or for leisure, fashion is always important. With ShirtsInBulk’s fashion forward tips and comfortable apparel, you will be on your way to a fashion forward new year. Just remember, use layers, wear sporty dresses, try bold colors, and combine blacks and whites, and if you are feeling extra adventurous this new year, try a couple of these tips on the same outfit. Good luck and happy shopping!

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