Holiday Wrapping Totes

The holidays are here again! And while most of us are very busy with planning out every perfect detail of our holiday plans and gatherings, we sometimes forget about keeping up with our everyday earth-friendly practices. You have your decorated potted tree you have been keeping for years and your full menu of organic and locally-grown foods entirely planned out, but there is always more to do to keep your earth-friendly lifestyle during the holidays. One very wasteful item we are all guilty of over-using at the holidays is wrapping paper.

Think of all of the wrapping paper used every time you exchange presents! Every single package under the tree and even some too large to fit under the tree are almost always covered in brand new wrapping paper. People often wrap paper over their gift boxes, which are generally good enough of a wrapping device entirely on their own. Some people save wrapping paper, but it can be very difficult to salvage decent sections of it after being damaged by tape, folded around corners, and crinkled in handling. A lot of the fun of giving and receiving presents is the element of surprise. The anticipation of watching someone open something you know they will love is a great feeling, and the anticipation felt by your loved one as he or she unwraps the present is also too enjoyable to give completely unwrapped presents. So we suggest you save the paper and wrap these holiday treasures using tote bags. Not to mention, each bag is like an additional present!

Larger tote bags like the Liberty Bags Boat Tote at 19” by 12” by 4.5” are very sturdy, stylish, and will hold a lot of presents. It comes in seven color combinations, perfect to keep everyone’s presents separated into packages of their favorite colors. This bag also happens to be made with recycled materials, so it adds a little more green to the celebration. The Liberty Bags Large Tote with Zipper Closure will also hold a lot with dimensions of 18” by 14” by 4.5,” while keeping the presents a little more secret inside the zipper seal. This bag comes in a variety of seventeen different colors, with many holiday appropriate reds and greens in addition to plenty of other colors to match everyone’s favorites.

Tote bags are a fun means of wrapping presents. But the fun does not end there. Be creative and browse through all bags for more ideas. The traveler or sportsman in the family would find a lot of everyday use from a duffel bag. The Liberty Bags Duffel Bag is a large zippered bag that holds a lot without being cumbersome. At 18” by 10” by 10”, this bag makes perfect “wrapping paper” for clothing and a variety of other items. It is also made of recycled material, so it is extra eco-friendly as gift-wrapping by saving paper and other raw materials. This duffel bag also is available in a variety of seventeen colors for a perfect and useful match. The Liberty Bags Large Square Duffel is another great option for the traveler or athlete in the family. It has a reinforced, gusseted bottom for extra strength to bear more weight. It is a larger bag at 23.5” by 11.5” by 11.5,” so it has a flat bottom and a longer length and might even be able to hold all of each person’s presents! This bag also comes in seventeen colors for more personalization in your wrapping for everyone.

As totes also make great presents, bags like the Liberty Bags Cooler Tote make very quirky wrapping paper. The picnic and tailgate enthusiasts in the family will certainly appreciate the extra present as well as the idea. These earth-friendly 9” by 7.5” by 5” insulated bags perfectly hold six standard cans or a variety of other cold items. With eight color options, everyone’s favorite color or favorite team’s color is sure to be available for wrapping. Get a few extra of these cooler totes to send home with everyone full of leftovers! In this insulated bag, they will certainly keep temperature for the whole ride home!

Tote bags make very eco-friendly wrapping. All of the Liberty Bags products mentioned above are even made of recycled materials to take this dedication to a green holiday season even further. There is a great variety of tote and other bags available to find the perfect fit for each person on your list in terms of interest as well as size of the presents that will be wrapped. Not only will you be saving the environment from more wasted paper, you will be saving your own house from a mess of wrapping paper remnants! Presents will perfectly fit right back into these bags, so friends and relatives each have a perfect carrier for all of their presents upon leaving the holiday celebration. And don’t forget to get a couple for yourself!

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